SS Lazio vs Palermo SUN, 02 SEP 2012, 15:00

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SS Lazio vs Palermo played: SUN, 02 SEP 2012, 15:00, Stadio Olimpico Rome

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* Please note that a weekend match can be transferred from Saturday to Sunday, or the other way around, and that a midweek match can change between Tuesday and Wednesday! These changes can take place close to the matchdate - please take this in consideration when you plan your trip to Italy!
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* You will always be seated among home supporters or in a neutral zone.

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Longside - Monte Mario : Longside of the soccer pitch. Tickets on Monte Mario Tribuna.
Longside - Tevere central : Longside of the soccer pitch. Tickets on Tevere Central Tribuna.
Longside - Tevere lateral : Longside of the soccer pitch. Tickets on Tevere Lateral Tribuna.
Shortside - Distinti : Behind the Goal. Tickets on Distinti Tribuna.

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Stadio Olimpico Rome

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Via Foro Italico,
00194 Roma
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Take subway line A to Ottaviano station. From Ottaviano station take bus number 32 and get off at Piazzale della Farnesina

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