AC Milan vs Empoli
AC Milan

AC Milan vs Empoli

San Siro Meazza

Here You can buy tickets for the match between AC Milan and Empoli. You can see when AC Milan has it’s next home game on San Siro Meazza against Empoli on the list below.


Matches 2018-19

AC Milan vs Empoli
SAT, 23 FEB 2019 or SUN, 24 FEB 2019

Past matches

AC Milan vs Empoli, SUN, 23 APR 2017
AC Milan vs Empoli, SAT, 29 AUG 2015
AC Milan vs Empoli, SUN, 15 FEB 2015
Venue info
San Siro Meazza. ItalyFootball.XX

San Siro Meazza

Venue seatingplan, San Siro Meazza Venue seatingplan Venue seatingplan San Siro Meazza


Via Piccolomini 5, 20151 Milan
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View map, San Siro Meazza

Take the subway MM1 to Molino Dorino

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