AS Roma vs Lazio
AS Roma

AS Roma vs Lazio

Stadio Olimpico

Here You can buy tickets for the match between AS Roma and Lazio. You can see when AS Roma has it’s next home game on Stadio Olimpico against Lazio on the list below.

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AS Roma - SS Lazio. The eternal derby of the eternal city, and arguably the hottest derby in Europe.

With roots dating back to the fascist era (AS Roma was created de facto by Benito Mussolini), the Derby della Capitale is one of the most thrilling matches of the football season. The fact that both teams share the same arena, the Stadio Olimpico, makes it all the more compelling.
However, apart from the stadium, Roma and Lazio share nothing else, the former dressed in red and representing the working class, the latter dressed in light blue and representing the upper class.

With these very different backgrounds, the clash between Roma and Lazio goes beyond a “mere” football match to become a political dispute where supporters hate each other for a variety of reasons.
But don’t worry, just make sure to get tickets for the right areas with us, sit back, and enjoy the beauty of the raw feelings of football: chants, cheering, banners, incredible tifosi and general loudness for over 90 minutes during the world’s biggest derby.


Matches 2017-18

AS Roma vs Lazio
SAT, 18 NOV 2017

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Stadio Olimpico

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Via Foro Italico, 00194 Roma
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Take subway line A to Ottaviano station. From Ottaviano station take bus number 32 and get off at Piazzale della Farnesina